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Functional Exercise

Are you trying to regain your strength or have you recently undergone a hip replacement procedure? We at Mountview Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center will provide you with various functional exercise movements that’ll help you focus on gaining strength and well-being. Some of the common exercises that physiotherapists enroll during treatment are balance exercises, range of motion, and strengthening exercise. The are a few of the core exercises offered at our rehabilitation centre.


Balance exercises help in establishing core stability and regain control over your body. With a good balance of the body, patients are less prone to fall, especially those with fragile body structure. Range of motion exercise helps in improving the joint movement of the patient whereas the strengthening exercises ensure that the patient’s muscles have the strength to prevent an injury.


At Mountview physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre, these exercise programs can be tailored according to the health and requirements of the patient. These exercises can be a great form of rehabilitation. Choosing a physical therapist may be a tiresome process but we assure all our patients, our therapists have unprecedented expertise in handling patients who require utmost care and attention.