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Custom solution orthotics are custom foot supports and pads that are intended to assist you with beating mechanical issues in your feet and legs. Our feet consistently bolster the full weight of our body. Ensuring your feet are appropriately padded and upheld is essential to maintain a strategic distance from foot agony, stress and distress.

In what manner can custom solution orthotics help me?

We offer uniquely crafted and prefabricated orthotics for individuals experiencing an assortment of foot and lower leg issues including:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • arch and heel pain
  • heel spurs
  • bunions
  • knee pain
  • general foot pain
  • flat feet
  • high arched feet
  • lower leg tendonitis
  • overpronating feet
  • chondromalacia patellae
  • iliotibial band syndrome or runners’ knee

What's in store from our custom solution orthotics administrations?

Custom solution orthotics are produced using either sweeps or throws of your feet. Our orthotics specialists take estimations of your foot, legs and appendages and consider any ailments when making your custom orthotics.